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A home equity loan is a loan that is borrowed against the equity of your home. Borrowers usually take out a home equity loan to spend on big ticket items such as an investment home, a boat, new car, or even a family vacation. Sometimes they also take out a Utah home equity loan to help pay some bills off.

Advantages of home equity loans is the interest is tax deductible, unlike a credit card bill. The interest rates are also lower than a credit card's interest rate.

The biggest disadvantage is the loan is a secured loan, meaning if you cannot pay the loan off, you can eventually lose your home. Some people have gone overboard and gone out and take out $200,000 home equity loans and buy new cars left and right. They eventualy realize they have a hard time keeping up with the payments of the home equity loan and have their home foreclosed or forced to sell it.

Home equity loans have become equity popular the past few years in areas where home prices have sky rocketed. Utah is just starting to see their home values go up, so home equity loans will become a route that some people in Utah will end up taking. Home equity loans are great if they are used properly and not just used as a way to go out and buy expensive toys.

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