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A no cost refinance mortgage allows the home borrowers to minimize out of pocket closing cost in refinancing their Utah home. The UT lenders who offer these no cost refi programs will charge you higher interest rates. The no cost refinance mortgage option is ideal for consumers who don't plan on staying more than 3-5 years in their home.

Typically, you would be paying an additional .5% or even .75% for a no cost refinance. If the lender is charing you anymore than that for your Utah refinance mortgage, move on to a different lender or tell the lender that is unacceptable. There is a line where a no cost refinance eventually costs you a lot more than a regular mortgage refinance with the usual costs and fees.

Talk to a few mortgage brokers to get the interest rates on their no cost refinance mortgage programs to see how they compare. This will help get you the best and most affordable mortgage for your UT home.

Fill out our short mortgage form and we will try to match you up with mortgage brokers in the Utah area, which includes Salt Lake City, Draper, Midvale, West Jordan, South Jordan, Lehi, Provo, Odgen, Layton and surrounding areas.

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Refinancing your home in Utah could be a good idea if your intereste rate is 2% higher or if you need to lower your monthly mortgage payment to take advantage of ARMs.