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So you think you are paying too much on your Utah mortgage loan or if you are on an ARM that is going to expire soon? Lock in your home loan rates today for another 5 years with a 5/1 ARM or perhaps a 30 year fixed loan may be more suitable for you.

Let our network of Utah mortgage lenders and brokers help determine if your current mortgage payment can be lowered by refinancing your Utah home mortgage today. Some lenders in Utah even have no cost refinance programs to lower out of pocket expenses.

Take a minute to fill out our no obligation mortgage quote form and let us try to match you with local lenders and mortgage brokers who can give you mortgage options to consider. There is nothing to lose except a few minutes of filling out a form. Imagine the security of being able to lock in your rates for the nex 5 years, or even 15 or 30 years.

When to Refinance in Utah?
Refinancing is not for everyone. The general rule of thumb to refinance is if your current mortgage rate is 2% higher than what you can get now. There are various reasons why your interest rate could be higher. You could have had bad credit when you originally got your first mortgage or the home loan rates were just higher back then.

Another reason to refinance is if your adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is about to reset and become a yearly adjustable rate mortgage which would almost definitely increase the home loan rates.

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Utah Interest Only Mortgage
Interest only mortgages are ideal for people looking to stay in their homes for less than 5 years. Consumers buying a home in a flat market should think twice about interest only home loans because they could potentially end up owing more money than the home is worth.

Bad Credit Mortgage in Utah
Bad credit borrowers, you no longer need to waste time getting rejected by traditional lenders and mortgage brokers who don't want to lend to you.